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User Status

Utilities - User Status menu

User Status displays users' presence status and their registered devices. A Super Administrator can unregister a user's devices.

To view user status

  1. Click Run Search buttonto search for one or more users. Presence status and the number of registered devices for each user will be shown in the list.
  2. If many users are listed, you can use QUICK SEARCH below the list to quickly find a user. Click Left Arrow button or Right Arrow button to highlight the previous or next search result. Only the line highlight is moved, all users remain visible.

    Check registered to show only users with registered device(s).

  3. Click a user in the list to show user and device details.

To unregister devices

Devices are automatically registered when connected. You may want to unregister a device as a troubleshooting aid or to remove duplicate registrations.

Note – you must have System Super Administrator privileges to unregister devices.

  1. Select a user in the list.
  2. Hover the cursor over a device's displayed details. UNREGISTER will appear.
  3. Click UNREGISTER to unregister the device.
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