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Mass Provisioning

Mass provisioning is a powerful way to efficiently deploy and manage large numbers of users and devices on the Teo UC System. Key features of mass provisioning:

Working with mass provisioning templates

The process of mass provisioning includes setting up User Templates and Device Templates, and then applying those templates to a set of extensions. User Templates are used to provision any selected set of user configuration parameters, including Device Assignments. Device Templates are used to provision device parameters.

User Templates can reference Device Templates as part of the user extension configuration. If a device template is included in a user template, that user will be provisioned with the designated device configuration. If the user already has that device type, the device template provisioning will be applied to the user’s device; if the user does not have that device type, the device (with the device template provisioning) is added to the user.

Once User Templates and Device Templates are created, they can be applied to a set of users or user extensions via the MASS PROVISION USERS screen. Templates are also used to configure default settings when manually assigning new users to extensions or adding new devices to extensions.

Screen layouts for device and user templates closely resemble their manual counterparts. Each parameter that can be mass provisioned has a red enable check box next to it. If the check box is selected, that parameter is mass provisioned; if it is not selected, that parameter is not changed in the target extension. Some parameters have drop-down mass provisioning options to apply provisioning rules, based on other user parameters (such as LISTED PHONE or DID NUMBER).

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