UCM Admin Portal Help


Backup menu

The Backup feature lets you back up your system immediately or schedule backup operations at regular intervals. You can also view a history of previous backup operations.

To create or edit a system backup

  1. Select a backup in the PREVIOUS BACKUPS list, or click Create Backup button to create a new backup.
  2. Enter a NAME and DESCRIPTION for the backup.
  3. Select a location where the backup will be saved – local, or on an FTP site.

    If backing up via FTP, enter the site address, user, and password. Click Test Connection button to verify that the site can be accessed; a popup message will indicate success or failure.

  4. Select when to perform the backup(s) in the occurs list.
    • daily – a backup is made every day at the same time; select the hour that the backup will begin.
    • now – perform the backup immediately.
    • once – make a single backup at the selected time and date.
    • weekly – perform the backup one per week; select the start hour and day of the week.
  5. When finished, click Save button to save the new settings, or click Cancel button to abort and retain the previous settings.

When a backup process is complete, the backup record appears in the PREVIOUS BACKUPS list.