UCM Admin Portal Help


The PRIVILEGES screen lets you establish specific viewing and editing privileges for users of the Teo UC System User Portal.

The screen layout follows the same arrangement as the user configuration screens. Fields that can be edited within the User Portal show a green checkbox Write Enable checkbox. If the checkbox is selected, users will be able to edit that parameter in the User Portal. If the checkbox is not selected, users can view the parameter, but not change it.

The SIP PASSWORD parameter cannot be edited by users. If that checkbox is selected, users can view their SIP PASSWORD, but they cannot change it. If the checkbox is not selected, users cannot view their SIP PASSWORD.

Note – privileges apply to all users in the system.

To configure user privileges

  1. Select PRIVILEGES from the MAINTENANCE menu.
  2. Select one of the tabs:
  3. If user changes to an item may be allowed, Write Enable button will be shown.
  4. Check the box next to an item to allow user editing, or uncheck to restrict user editing.
  5. Click Save button.
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