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Trunks associated with a particular carrier (e.g. Verizon) may be grouped together under a common Carrier designation for call routing purposes. Least Cost Routing rules are established on a Carrier basis, so all trunks associated with the same Carrier share the same LCR rates.

To add or edit a carrier

  1. Select a carrier in the carriers list, or click Add Carrier button.
  2. In the name field, enter a name to identify the carrier.
  3. Enter optional prefix and suffix digits that are dialed when using this carrier.
  4. Optionally click select trunks that will use this carrier for outbound calls. You can also assign carriers on the Trunks screen.
  5. Enter Least Cost Routing rules in the fields below the rates list; click Plus button to add a rule to the list.
    • Name – identifies the rate entry.
    • Pattern – dialing string pattern to match when routing a call. Digits in the pattern are the leftmost digits in a dialing string. Enter a . (period) for a wildcard that matches any dialed digit.

      All systems must have at least one carrier for outbound call routing. The default pattern entry is .......... (10 periods), which matches any dialing string that is 10 digits or longer.

    • Rate – you can use the carrier's actual rate, but this is not necessary. rate is a just a relative value that is compared to other carrier rates to determine Least Cost Routing.

When all carrier parameters have been configured, click Save button to save the new values, or click Cancel button to abort and retain the previous values.

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