UCM Admin Portal Help


Trunks menu

Note – click Save button after all settings have been configured on the Trunks screen. This will cause trunk services to restart.
Caution: Active calls through trunks will be disconnected. Trunk configuration changes should only be initiated when there are no calls in progress.

To add a new trunk

  1. Select the trunk type you want to add in the dropdown list below the TRUNKS table.
    • PRI
    • Analog FXO
    • External SIP
  2. Click Add New button.

Note – PRI and Analog FXO trunks require purchased Teo UC options. If these options have changed, click Initialize Local Cards button to update the list of available PRI and Analog FXO ports.

To configure trunk parameters

  1. In the Trunks list, select the trunk you want to configure. The type of trunk appears above the fields on the right side of the screen.
  2. In the label field, enter a name to identify the trunk.
  3. Select the carrier with which you want to associate this trunk. You can also assign carriers on the Carriers screen.
  4. Select USE FOR OUTBOUND FAX if this trunk may be used to route fax calls. Generally, only trunks that have direct PSTN access, such as PRI or Analog (FXO) trunks are used for fax calls. Although audio quality is sufficient for voice communication on SIP trunks, jitter and packet loss may make SIP trunks unreliable for fax transmission.
  5. Additional parameters must be configured for each trunk type.

When all trunk parameters have been configured, click Save button to load the new values and restart trunk services. Any trunk calls in progress will be disconnected.

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