UCM Admin Portal Help


Dashboard menu

The Dashboard shows user Presence status and overall system health at a glance. This screen is displayed when first logging in to the Admin Portal as a System Super Administrator or System Sub Administrator, and can be accessed at any time from the navigation menu.

Dashboard Callouts
  1. User Presence – user activity and availability.
  2. Disk Usage – total, used, and free disk usage. As disks become full, you can have users purge old voice mails, recordings, and faxes, or you can add additional disk capacity.
  3. Memory Use – total, used, and free system memory usage.
  4. CPU Usage History – activity of each CPU physical or virtual core is shown by a separate line in the graph.
  5. Network Usage History – graphs show sent and received Ethernet traffic.
  6. System Information – hardware and software versions, license details, and contact information.
  7. Hardware Status Monitor – temperature, power supply, and fan status (Premises UC and Cloud Plus UC systems only).

Additional information about system services and memory usage is available on the Teo-Network screen.

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