Secure By Design

Teo Unified Communications platform was built from the ground up for UC and security. Our solution has advanced security capabilities built into the very architecture of our platform. From advanced intrusion detection to user agent whitelisting and everything in between, Teo is built to the highest most modern standards of technology available today.

Teo's systems are secure down to their basic design

Advanced Communication Security

Our security focus extends to fully encrypting all configuration, signaling, and media traffic.

  • All Teo endpoints support secure authentication and configuration over HTTPS up to TLS v1.2. This ensures that no password of configuration date are ever sent in plaintext.
  • All SIP signaling supports TLS with server authentication.
  • Teo desk phones are the only AS-SIP endpoint certified by the Dept of Defense Joint Interoperability Test Command.
  • Similar to TLS, SRTP is supported to encrypt all media for secure communications. In order to make this secure from packet sniffing, the Teo UC platform will only negotiate an SRTP connection for calls established with TLS signaling. This means that temporary keys are never sent unencrypted.
Advanced Communication Security Model

Reducing the Need for VPN Connections

Say goodbye to costly and annoying VPNs.

By combining industry standard best practices for TLS and SRTP with NAT (network address translation) aware endpoints, Teo Cloud deployments typically eliminate the need for VPNs. As Teo endpoints are able to traverse NAT environments automatically, the typical use of a VPN to allow direct private IP to private IP signaling is not needed. Combined with TLS and SRTP, the encryption capabilities of a VPN connection are redundant. This reduces complexity of deployments and reduces equipment and maintenance costs so no additional hardware, such as VPN concentrators, are required.

VPNs are unnecessary with Teo's deployment


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