Recommended Procedure


Gather critical functionalities for major groups.

For example: presence awareness, mobility, CRM integration, remote workers, instant messaging, voicemail to email, faxing, contact center functionality, paging, etc.


Take inventory of company and BYOD device types.

This is important as most vendors do not support all functionality on all device types. Is your organization 100% vested in Windows PCs, smartphones, and tablets and relies on Microsoft Dynamics for a CRM? Then Lync is a good place to start. However, if your organization (like most) uses a mixture of Mac and PC desktops, a host of Android tablets and iPads, a variety of installed apps and web based cloud apps, plus a menagerie of smartphones, then a company like Teo is a better choice because of the wide range of devices and operating systems that we support.


Determine if a cloud, premises, or hybrid deployment better fits your organization’s needs and style.

Not sure? Or think your needs may change in the foreseeable future? Then Teo should be a top consideration, as we are the only company that can support all deployment types and allow future conversion between them quickly and painlessly.


Using the information gathered above, create a simple spreadsheet of vendors that meet your basic criteria.

Invite a selection of vendors to present their solutions to provide you a better sense of what they offer and are capable of delivering.