VoIP: Fact and Fiction

VoIP is not a new technology. In fact, we are fast approaching VoIP's 20th anniversary. Over those years, VoIP has evolved and advanced, and countless organizations of all sizes now rely on VoIP solutions for their communication needs.

However, despite all this, many myths and misconceptions surrounding VoIP still persist to this day. For example:

  • Quality: Many believe that VoIP's quality is inherently worse than landline's. In reality, SIP trunking ensures that calls remain clear at all times – even on crowded networks.
  • Security: Some fear that VoIP solutions cannot be fully secured. The truth of the matter is that TSG-6 certification has made VoIP so secure that even the defense sector uses the technology.
  • Reliability: Contrary to popular belief, VoIP systems can keep running even when the power goes out.
  • Emergency Services: Some fear that relying on VoIP may leave them stranded in the event of an emergency. However, VoIP offers E-911 features, which can relay the user's position to first responders in real time.
  • Applicability: Many believe that VoIP is only for big businesses, but the technology's flexibility is actually even better suited for smaller firms that prioritize agility.

When you separate fact from fiction, the argument in favor of VoIP adoption becomes a no-brainer.

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