UC System Selection: 5 Key Questions

Thousands upon thousands of businesses have embraced unified communications in recent years, and many more are eager to follow suit. For company leaders and decision-makers who have already decided to pursue UC solutions, the next task is choosing the right UC system. Every UC offering is unique, and choosing the wrong one will undermine the technology's utility. Selecting the best-fitting UC system, on the other hand, will maximize the company's ROI.

So how can company leaders choose the right UC system? They need to ask themselves the right questions, and let those answers guide their search.

Specifically, there are five questions that every business decision-maker interested in UC must ask:

  1. Why are you adopting UC?
  2. Which features are required?
  3. Which features will be required?
  4. How will IT be impacted?
  5. Where will the costs come from?

By paying close attention to these issues, companies can find and implement the UC solution that will meet and surpass their expectations, allowing them to maximize their competitive advantage in their industries. Rushing into the UC selection process without a well-considered game plan, on the other hand, will lead to disappointing results.

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