Why Unified Communications Makes Sense to Startups

In the past, unified communications was thought of as only useful for major, globe-spanning corporations. Now, that's no longer the case. Firms of all sizes can and do regularly take advantage of UC solutions, and the technology is particularly valuable for startups.

Why? There are a number of reasons. Consider, for example, the question of IT budgets. Funding is obviously a key factor for any startup. A UC solution provides these businesses with enterprise-grade communication solutions at a low price, all on a single platform. Additionally, firms only need to pay for the apps they will actually use, further saving money.

UC also offers simplified support. UC solutions are streamlined to offer a range of communication channels through a single network, which makes it easier for startups to focus on their business goals, rather than dealing with myriad telephone and other unaffiliated communication issues. This integration also makes it easier to collaborate quickly and easily, improving startups' agility.

Finally, UC offers maximum portability, allowing employees to be productive at all times, regardless of their physical locations.

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