Evaluating your UC deployment options

For any company looking to improve its collaboration and telecommunications capabilities, unified communications is the answer. UC offers firms in every sector the opportunity to save money while adding features and improving employee performance in a wide range of capacities. UC adoption is a simple, straightforward way to gain an immediate competitive edge.

Those businesses that are looking into UC for the first time have several decisions to make. Most notably, should firms pursue on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid UC deployments? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • On-premises: On the plus side, an on-premises UC solution gives businesses complete control over every component of the system, as well as its configuration and system data. However, on-premises UC is more costly than the alternative, forcing companies to spend more on hardware, installation, maintenance, updates and migration.
  • Cloud: Cloud-based UC is significantly less expensive than on-premises, while also offering faster installation, migration and updates. Unfortunately, though, the cloud is widely perceived as less secure, raising privacy and accessibility issues.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid offers UC capabilities at a lower cost than on-premises and with greater reliability than the cloud. The only downside is that hybrid UC requires a greater degree of in-house expertise to deliver optimized results.

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