UC Forensics: Why Did Your Deployment Fail?

The rise of unified communications is undeniably one of the most powerful, important IT trends of the past few years. Countless companies of all sizes have seen their productivity and efficiency improve significantly by deploying these solutions.

Of course, this only applies to successful UC implementations. Unfortunately, though, a huge number of UC projects run into problems. Studies have shown that approximately four-fifths of all UC efforts ultimately disappoint, delivering less than the hoped-for results.

Why do UC initiatives fall short? There are a few common reasons. These include poor preliminary communication with employees, insufficient training for users, inconsistent quality, inflexible software and unreasonably high expectations. Alone, any one of these issues can torpedo a UC deployment. Combined, there's almost no chance the UC system will deliver satisfying results.

Fortunately, all of these issues are avoidable. By working with a high-quality, experienced, dependable UC services provider, organizations can develop and execute UC strategies that take into account their unique goals and challenges. With a comprehensive plan in place, UC deployments can deliver tremendous collaborative and customer service benefits.

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