What\'s in store for unified communications in 2014

Unified communications technology has quickly thrust itself into the mainstream. Just a few years ago, companies were using a wide range of communications platforms to stay in touch. Now, businesses are starting to realize they can become more efficient and productive by integrating all their communications channels on a single interface.

However, there are still a number of changes that will come to the UC sector that will make these tools even more useful. In fact, 2014 could be a major year in the evolution of UC.

One area in which UC will continue to trend is the expansion of consumerization in the office. Employees will keep demanding more mobility and access to social tools in the workplace, many of which will be leveraged through communications channels.

Another major technology that will change UC is the cloud. Much like many other business functions, cloud platforms are revolutionizing the way employees interact with each other. This year, companies will start to utilize cloud-based UC platforms in order to simplify internal IT management demands.

The barriers between organizations will also become blurred in the coming months, as companies will use UC tools to collaborate with each other. This intercompany connectivity could change the very way the business world operates.

These trends are important for all IT leaders to note, as the UC market is only set to grow in the coming years.

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