Don’t underestimate the power of VoIP

In recent years, VoIP calling has taken the business world by storm, with a number of large enterprises and small organizations trading in their plain old phone service for a more advanced solution.

Thanks to increased adoption rates, the VoIP market is exponentially growing and will continue to do so over the next few years. According to a Zion Research report, the VoIP services sector surpassed a value of $83 billion last year, and is on track to reach $140 billion by 2021.

But what continues to make VoIP a powerful part of business communications?


One of the most impactful benefits of VoIP is its ability to scale alongside the needs of the business. Should a company open a new office or require additional lines, a VoIP solution can seamlessly expand to support these growing requirements. This is especially beneficial for startups and small- to mid-size enterprises looking to boost their business, support a growing staff, and add new office sites.

Cost savings

What's more, VoIP is one of the most cost-efficient communication solutions available today. When businesses utilize VoIP as opposed to landline calling, they stand to save as much as 40 percent – or even more, especially when internet service is already in place. With internet connectivity forming the backbone for the vast majority of critical businesses processes, shouldn't your company's communications live on this platform as well?


A robust VoIP solution can also help support new working styles, including the growing community of remote and telecommuting employees. Right now, half of American employees have positions that allow them to telework at least part of the time, and as much as 90 percent of the workforce has expressed an interest in working outside of the office. This approach can offer more flexibility for employees, which helps increase motivation, efficiency and overall output. VoIP allows staff members to remain connected and productive, no matter where their job takes them.


VoIP can also support a range of other collaborative capabilities, like screen sharing and instant messaging. With these tools in place, your workers will have everything they need to be productive.

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