Telecommuting can provide cost, productivity benefits

Although more organizations have started to allow telecommuting at their offices, many executives have been reluctant to embrace the trend. However, these remote work critics avoid this movement at their own peril, as they are failing to recognize the many benefits associated with telecommuting.

If the millions of Americans with roles conducive to telecommuting were allowed to work from home just half of the time, American enterprises would save about $260 billion each year. Instead of spending on more office supplies and other expenses, corporate leaders could allocate funds to projects that grow the company.

One of the many knocks critics cite as a reason to keep workers in the office is that remote workers are not as productive as in-house staff. However, this is an inaccurate assessment, as 53 percent of managers see a spike in productivity after telecommuting solutions are put in place.

Another perk of telecommuting is that it can be used as a recruiting tool. In fact, two-thirds of employees say they would switch companies if it made their commute easier.

With so many clear benefits, it's hard for enterprise leaders to make a case against allowing telework.

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