Winter weather is a challenge:
Prepare your business with unified communications systems

The winter months can provide a number of unique challenges to businesses. Inclement weather can make it difficult for employees to get to the office, and icy runways can result in delayed flights for frequent business travelers.

For many organizations, such events bring about a decline in productivity, as workers are unable to access the office. However, with the right unified communications (UC) solutions, this annual concern will be a thing of the past.

Innovative UC features make it possible for employees to connect to corporate systems from remote locations, even if they are snowed in. For example, find me follow me services on VoIP systems can reroute office-bound calls to a worker's smartphone, enabling that important conference call to go off without a hitch.

Even if a sales agent is stuck in an airport across the country, he can hop on that client call with his laptop-enabled video conferencing tools while he waits for the next flight out.

Instead of letting Mother Nature dictate winter-time productivity, business leaders should take control by implementing UC solutions.

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