How advanced UC capabilities can help your business attract the best employees

Recruitment is a top priority for many of today's businesses. A skilled, knowledgeable workforce doesn't just drive the success of company initiatives, but can help differentiate a brand in the overall marketplace as well. For many enterprises, though, recruitment and attracting new employees can represent an uphill battle. These efforts don't just revolve around filling positions in the organization - potential candidates' demands must also be addressed as well.

Currently, a main objective of many people entering the workforce is to find a company that can match requirements for technology, communication and new working styles. Unified communications solutions, like those provided by Teo Technologies, can help your business attract and retain the most talented employment candidates. Here's how:

Targeting the millennial workforce

Right now, millennials, or those between the ages of 18-34, will soon represent the largest portion of the population, Pew Research discovered. In fact, individuals included in this generation are on track to outnumber Baby Boomers within the next two years.

Why is this important for your company's recruitment efforts? Besides becoming the biggest generation in history, millennials are now also the largest part of the American workforce. This means that of the employment candidates your hiring managers have to choose from, a considerable portion will be millennials.

Due to this fact, it's imperative your company is able to appeal to these workers in particular with technologies and processes that match their lifestyles. An important piece of this puzzle is providing millennials with familiar platforms and tools that mirror the applications they utilize in other facets of their life. Some crucial systems here include video conferencing, screen and file sharing and instant messaging, all of which come in a complete unified communication solution.

Using modern technology

Millennials - or any generation of workers, for that matter - seek out businesses that utilize advanced and innovative technology. No one appreciates having to struggle with outdated and inefficient systems to complete mission-critical work activities. In this way, it's imperative that your organization have state-of-the-art systems on hand in order to attract new employees, as well as retain the talented workers you already have on staff.

In fact, one study found that an overwhelming percentage of millennial workers - 93 percent - agree that having access to modern technology is an essential driver of workplace success. To put it another way, advanced UC solutions will help your organization attract talented workers, and will also help spur their productivity.

Enabling an array of working styles

While the nine-to-five rush was standard fare not that long ago, things have significantly changed since then, and technological capabilities are a huge part of that process. Now, workers appreciate employment positions that enable them to work outside of the office, and during the hours that best align with their lifestyles. Supporting these working styles provides a range of advantages, including heightened efficiency and productivity alongside lower churn rates for staff members.

One study found that 90 percent of employees welcome the ability to telework at least part of the time. And with impactful UC tools like high-quality VoIP and video calling, real-time file sharing and other capabilities in place, your business will be in the best position to allow employees to work from any location that suits their needs.

Retain top talent with UC

Overall, a robust UC solution is one of the best ways to attract as well as retain talented employees - especially in the current employment landscape. Statistics show that many millennial employees plan to leave a job after two years. However, if your organization is able to support productivity, address lifestyle needs and spur success with UC tools, chances are good that the top staff members you recruit will remain loyal employees for years to come.

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