How to support customer satisfaction with UC technology

New technologies, omni channel online presence and a range of other factors have created a precarious situation for many companies. As capabilities and brand visibility grows, so too do customer expectations, and businesses must be able to provide for these. If one organization isn't equipped to answer and support consumer demands, chances are good that another firm in the marketplace will capitalize on the opportunity to do so.

In order to prevent losing customers to the competition and ensure each client's experience with your brand is as enjoyable as possible, your company needs access to the latest technologies. One of the most important solutions to have in place here is unified communications, which can help your enterprise achieve top-tier customer satisfaction. Here's how:

Offering options

A common demand among any company's consumer audience is the ability to choose. Customers appreciate choices around product offerings, and expect a similar level of options when they need to reach out to the brand.

A robust UC solution can address these needs specifically with a range of different customer-facing touchpoints. This means your clients have an array of avenues they can use to reach your customer service agents and get their questions answered, or their issues resolved. From high-quality VoIP and video conferencing to online instant messaging and more, UC capabilities enable your clients to select the best option for communication - one that matches their preferences and aligns with their current needs.

Supporting privacy

UC tools have also been shown to support privacy during customer interactions, especially when it comes to cloud-based solutions that allow for anywhere, anytime access. One way this is made possible is through the enhanced audio quality provided by UC-based calling solutions. In fact, 82 percent of customers seek out privacy during customer service calls, and UC technologies can help enable this feeling of confidentiality.

"In traditional telephony, both agents and customers may require the other party to repeat some information, which may hinder the rapport between the customers and the agents, causing lost business," Customer Think contributor Bidisha Gupta wrote. "Therefore, improving sound quality via unified communications has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, and it increases the chance to sales."

Ensuring that customers feel they are heard helps build a strong relationship with the company that can breed brand loyalty.

Boosting service efficiency

An often-touted advantage of UC tools are their ability to improve efficiency within an organization, and this benefit is especially impactful for customer service. In fact, researchers found that more than half of all businesses - 53 percent - elect to deploy UC technology to support increased productivity. And with robust capabilities like instant messaging, file sharing and web conferencing on their side, employees will be more efficient and productive than ever.

From a customer perspective, this means your staff members have all the tools they need to answer questions and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. This not only translates to higher customer satisfaction for your consumer audience, but also enables your workers to assist more clients than they could in the past. That's a win for your business, your employees and your customers.

Keeping maintenance costs in check

UC solutions have also proven their worth when it comes to maintenance costs. And while this may appear to be a business-facing advantage at first glance, it can be helpful for your clients as well.

Circling back to our first point, UC tools provide a variety of touchpoints for clients to utilize. However, these do no good if they aren't consistently available for consumer interaction. In this way, reduced needs for maintenance help ensure that communication channels are always working and operating as they should, and that no customer request goes unanswered.

Overall, this only scratches the surface surrounding the customer service advantages that UC can provide. Check out our infographic below to learn more, and contact Teo Technologies today.

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