It's time to upgrade your phone system

Traditional telephony solutions are giving way to unified communications (UC) platforms. Although some executives are reluctant to make the switch, it's time to bring UC to the office. Here are few signs that may indicate that it's time to upgrade:

Fax machine mob – If more people are hanging around the fax machine than the water cooler, chances are you have outdated fax tools. New UC services have fax-to-email capabilities that simplify faxing.

Search party sent out – When it's necessary to send out numerous texts, make several phone calls or get out of your desk to locate an employee, an upgrade is needed. With presence systems, managers and executives know where workers are at all times.

Playing the numbers game – As soon as those cards next to your desk resemble a Sudoku puzzle more than a list of phone extensions, your firm is ready for a new communications system. With VoIP, call routing is simple, eliminating the need for long extension numbers.

Business class bonanza – If your company is still looking to reduce travel expenses, chances are you haven't embraced video conferencing. With these systems, business can connect with clients from remote locations, eliminating the need to spend money on airfare.

Device roulette – When your employees are juggling work, mobile and home phones to make calls, it's time to mix things up. With UC solutions, professionals can access corporate communications systems that allow for seamless voice services.

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