Letting Go of Cisco

Cisco is the world's largest maker of Ethernet switches and perhaps the most recognizable name in all of networking. Still, it has been under pressure in recent years from new rivals like Facebook (which has been promoting open source switches) and from partners that have been second-guessing their relationships with the company. There have been a few red flags to note:

  • In 2013, Cisco abruptly announced end-of-life for its unified communication solutions for small and midsize businesses, including the UC300, UC500, UC5000 and BE3000. The announcement came only two years after it had unveiled its SMB portfolio and a mere five years after it had first talked about investing $100 million in a global UC initiative for SMBs. Thousands of partners were left stranded.
  • In retrospect, perhaps the move wasn't all that surprising, though. Cisco has made its bones in the enterprise market and it isn't changing its course as it delves further into cloud-based offerings. Its cloud UC solutions are currently available only to its largest dealers, demonstrating again that Cisco may not be an ideal partner for SMBs.
Earn what you really deserve by leaving Cisco for Teo

Fortunately, Cisco isn't the only game in town. Partners can instead team up with Teo to not only get the UC solutions they need for the SMB market, but also earn the cash they deserve.

Teo's UC solutions run the gamut from on-premises SMB-oriented systems to cloud-based contact centers. Whether a customer is seeking granular control from an on-site deployment or looking for easy maintenance via the cloud, Teo has something in store.

Moreover, even if a business isn't ready to leave Cisco behind just yet, Teo supports hybrid UC implementations, too. Its Overlay Cloud Solutions can be placed on top of Cisco networking and on-premises enterprise systems for a very practical setup.

Resellers also have everything to gain by partnering with Teo instead of Cisco. Teo's upfront commission structure is the most profitable in the industry, with payouts based on overall contract value. Even better, payments are delivered upfront. Consider letting go of Cisco to boost your business.

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