The right technology can transform a drab home office

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has enabled many organizations to leverage work-from-home policies. For many companies, it's proven to be beneficial in a number of ways. Telework solutions allow employees to work while traveling or from home when the weather prevents them from getting to the office.

However, telecommuting does little to promote productivity if the right technology isn't implemented at a home office or remote work site. This is why remote employees and business leaders need to make sure they are able to procure the best unified communications (UC) tools available.

One of the most important technologies when it comes to enabling remote work is presence systems. With a presence platform in place, remote workers can interact with colleagues in a more natural manner, allowing for enhanced collaboration.

Instant messaging is another business communications technology that should be included with any quality UC interface. Although often viewed a simple tool, it's one of the most used communications channels in the enterprise world.

Although there are useful UC features that can be include in any remote work suite, unified voicemail and other technologies that allow mobile integration and video conferencing systems are particularly beneficial.

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