Is it time to hang up on ShoreTel?

Does your company rely on ShoreTel for your business communication needs? If so, you're certainly not alone. ShoreTel has claimed a large share of the total market for unified communications and VoIP tools.

But that doesn't mean that ShoreTel is right for your organization. Instead, it may be time to hang up on ShoreTel and switch to a business communication services provider with a better track record and higher-quality solutions, like Teo. Consider:

  • Teo doesn't sell direct. With ShoreTel, on the other hand, you have to compete with their internal sales squad.
  • Teo's cloud credentials. The benefits of our cloud-based UC offering are clear, but it's hard to tell what distinguishes ShoreTel Sky from ShoreTel's on-premise offering.
  • Real Teo phones. Teo's communication solutions are always deployed with our own phones. With ShoreTel, it's not clear what role Cisco and Polycom play.
  • Bigger commissions. Teo offers the most profitable commission structure in the industry. Organizations selling Teo cloud experience a 250 percent larger commission than firms selling ShoreTel on-premise systems.

With all these advantages, it's easy to see why so many companies are hanging up on ShoreTel and instead turning to Teo Technologies.

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