E911, a Lifesaving System Upgrade

The worst disasters are always the ones which were not expected or prepared for, and many companies have already seen the challenges and dangers that arise in these situations. When emergency assistance is needed for an employee and fast, effective response times are hindered by technological problems, more intense reverberations will be felt.

Teo Technologies recently published an infographic illustrating the ways in which response times can be reduced through more effective, reliable communications technology. For one, companies that have not yet made the switch from traditional phones to Voice over Internet Protocol should consider doing so soon, and that mobile should be a priority.

The infographic also pointed out that, in many instances, the person in need of assistance might not be able to speak, which can further complicate matters.

With E911, emergency responders will be notified immediately with a variety of information pertaining to the origin point, while this can work wonders for both on-sight and remote workers. At the end of the day, this will lead to the most integrated, accurate and unified approach to emergency response, helping to strengthen the care delivered, reduce response times and improve performances among all those involved.

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