Elevating contact centers into the cloud

Business leaders are no longer on the fence when it comes to cloud computing - they're fully on board. The technology has proven itself to be a powerful tool for organizations of all kinds, delivering a wide range of advantages.

It's not surprising, then, that 90 percent of contact center operators expect to deploy cloud solutions by 2016. While migrating contact center operations into a cloud environment is a major endeavor, the benefits can enormous. These include:

  • Lower costs– With the cloud businesses can cut down on the upfront costs associated with on-site hardware, as well as ongoing expenses related to backend support, as the cloud vendor takes on both these responsibilities.
  • Superior agility– The cloud can improve a contact center's disaster recover and ability to accommodate remote workers.
  • More channels– Cloud-based contact centers can easily offer integrated IVR, videoconferencing and more through a centralized infrastructure.
  • Exceptional service– By leveraging cloud services, contact centers can not only meet, but actually exceed the expectations of today's consumers, who are increasingly time-starved and tech-savvy.

With all of these benefits, the question contact center leaders face is not whether they should embrace the cloud, but rather how soon they can start the migration process.

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