Increased visibility from UC aids network security

Cybersecurity threats abound in the modern workplace. Employees are more connected to Internet-enabled mobile devices than ever before, even if corporate policies do not allow for personal device access in the office. In fact, a recent survey from Fortinet found that more than a third of professionals say they have ignored or would ignore a corporate policy banning the use of personal devices.

Enterprises need to find a way to mitigate security threats that unmanaged Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies represent. Investing in unified communications (UC) platforms may be the best way to accomplish this task. Because UC systems are integrated onto a single interface operated in-house, executives and IT professionals have the visibility into network activity they need to effectively monitor and combat cyber threats.

The need for comprehensive mobile device management policies is only likely to increase. Mobile Enterprise recently noted that the millennial generation is more connected to such gadgets than any other generation. As these young professionals start to enter the workforce in large numbers, mobile-friendly corporate regulations may be the norm. For this reason, executives and IT managers should consider UC solutions that boost visibility into in-house architecture.

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