Unified Communications: The Best of 3 Worlds

Unified communications solutions bring together the good parts of cloud-based and on-premises phone systems to impact business revenue and IT productivity. There are three main areas where your company can see improvement when you invest in UC systems from Teo Technologies:


When you bring together the good parts of cloud-based and on-premises phone systems, what results is often a cost-effective way of streamlining communications and increasing network reliability. More and more, companies are looking to get rid of their on-premises traditional phone systems in favor of the cloud, and for good reason. Combine the fact that the cloud doesn't require maintenance with the control provided by on-premises systems, and you have a tailored solution that doesn't break the budget.

IT staff

Both cloud and on-premises solutions offer a way for companies to keep their current IT staff structures without having to expand. Hybrid solutions offer even more flexibility within the realm of IT staffing. Where do you want to allocate your staffing budget? How many people are you going to hire? Combining the cloud with on-premises allows businesses to decide how much IT to outsource. Plus, when IT staff doesn't have to perform regular maintenance on on-premises phone systems, they can devote their time to other essential tasks that keep your business running.

Overall improvements

In general, companies benefit from a hybrid unified communications strategy for numerous reasons. With cloud UC, managers can more easily communicate with off-site workers, including those who work from home, which has been proven to boost productivity levels in a call center environment, among others. On-premises systems offer a higher level of control. Put the two together, and a business can benefit immensely.

You're truly getting the best of both worlds when you invest in unified communications solutions from Teo Technologies.

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