Boosting Business by Abandoning Avaya

The company phone system is literally a business's line to the outside world, but in recent years it has become something more than just a channel for a quick chat. After decades of technological stasis - i.e., landlines and circuit-switched telephony - the spread of IP connectivity and cloud infrastructure has empowered organizations to extend phone service (as well as instant messaging, video and call recording) to workers everywhere through unified communications solutions. Whether someone is using a tablet, phone or PC he or she can easily reach and collaborate with colleagues and customers.

Resellers have a huge opportunity ahead of them as businesses upgrade from legacy communications infrastructure to these on-premises and/or cloud-based UC suites. A 2014 Infonetics report characterized UC-as-a-service as an increasingly appealing option for firms of all sizes. However, resellers need the right combination of a trusted partner and a solid technical solution to make headway in this competitive market. With UC, sustained success is easier after abandoning a vendor like Avaya in favor of Teo.

The sweet spot for resellers: Easy-to-sell solutions, no partner competition and upfront commissions

Many experienced resellers know what it's like to have to portray a product as something else in order to catch and hold a would-be customer's attention. This practice happens a lot with cloud solutions in the form of "cloudwashing," which involves marketing a rebranded legacy solution as a next-generation cloud service.

Similarly, Avaya IP Office encourages a lot of cloud confusion. By leaving Avaya behind, however, resellers can finally escape from having to pretend like IP Office is anything more than a colo PBX system. At the same time, resellers that move past Avaya and partner with Teo benefit from no longer having to compete with Avaya itself on deals. Teo does not go up against resellers on projects.

Think of the lifting of confusing sales pitches and competition as much-needed subtractions. So, what additions take their place?

Start with true cloud UC solutions from Teo. Cloud-based UC allows for low total cost of ownership, as well as easy installations, updates and migrations. Moreover, Overlay Teo Cloud Solutions can even be paired with Avaya on-premises systems for an effective hybrid implementation.

The result is a strong technical foundation for customers, one that can be readily explained and sold. Add to that upfront commissions based on contract values, and you have a recipe for clearing up to 250 percent more in profits. The choice is simple: Boost your business by abandoning Avaya.

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