Make the right call: 5 call center must-haves

Even as channels like mobile and online continue to grow, your company's contact center is still one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle. This important asset provides customers with a direct line to reach out to the business, ensuring that any issues are worked out and demands are met.

In fact, according to the latest Technavio report, the contact center market has been experiencing positive growth for years, and that trend is set to continue. Researchers found that the sector is expected to grow more than 9 percent through 2019, reaching a value of $9.7 billion.

"Many organizations prefer to include a contact center as a strategic part of their organization," observed Technavio lead analyst Amit Sharma.

That being said, there are a few key items that every contact center must have in place for success. Let's take a look:

1) Trained professionals

First and foremost, it's crucial to have the right people in the right places. The most successful contact center agents have experience with customer service, and may already exist within your organization. Before looking outward, turn your focus inward to pinpoint employees with the right skill set that can help ensure every call ends on a high note.

2) Talk the talk: Talented conversationalists

Customers reaching out to the contact center should receive a positive experience, and sometimes, that goes beyond any contact center script. While having planned-out answers to top questions on hand can be beneficial, it's also important that your contact center staff can direct the conversation in the right way. Knowing what questions to ask and how to make polite conversation is a big part of this. If your brand does business internationally, it's also important to examine language skills and potentially hire bilingual individuals.

3) Connections beyond technology

Your contact center must have the right integration in place, and not only when it comes to technology.

Your contact center should provide a bridge to connect different departments and staff members in your agency. By doing so, no one is out of reach and contact center staff can assist callers and answer questions in the best ways possible.

4) Advanced hardware

Technological appliances are the foundation of contact center operations, and items like desktop computers, phones and headsets are things no organization can do without. It's crucial that these appliances offer the right capabilities and are easy to use for your staff.

5) Leading software solutions

If hardware is the foundation, the software solutions utilized on these appliances represent the organization's lifeblood. Platforms like Voice over Internet Protocol, voice recognition and call routing software are essential to the success of your operation.

What's more, automated platforms and those that automatically generate customized reports are also imperative. These can offer the most in-depth and detailed information and help ensure that important processes go off without a hitch.

To find out more about the essential items your contact center should have in place, check out our infographic below and contact Teo Technologies today.

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