First, a little background.

Having more than 40 years of communications technology experience allows us a unique perspective on the industry. Since 1972 we have been developing leading-edge communications technology from the days of analog, through ISDN and VoIP.

This track record continued with our development of the very first Unified Communications system built from the ground up. Ours was the first platform to support 100% interoperable multi-nodal UC systems with zero degradation of services in the event of network interruptions, as well as the first solution to support cloud, premises, hybrid, and convertible deployments on a singular codebase.

In addition to our UC accomplishments, we have racked up a series of impressive achievements in the defense and intelligence markets. Most recently this has included the first Department of Defense Assured Services SIP certified endpoint, and the first TSG-6 VoIP endpoints.

We also pioneered the E911 emergency notification category, offering premises solutions for 911 call alerting.

Ultimately it is this experience that informs our perspective.

While we are extremely innovative (like a startup), we are by no means the new kid on the block. We know what works, we know what doesn’t, and we know what it takes to help you win.

When we look at the market we see an admittedly crowded space full of choices in which it may be difficult to determine the differences. However, most obvious to us in that space are the compromises the customer is being forced to accept for a somewhat workable solution.

Teo suffers none of the compromises the competition asks you to live with.

Most other companies offer either tightly integrated yet proprietary solutions or loosely affiliated components that are integrated in name only.

Most solutions are either from a company that has been around for a while and is stuck with an outdated core software platform, or an upstart that may or may not be around next week.

Most solutions are either extremely capable yet impossible to manage without budgeting for expensive engineering resources involved, or they are easy to use but extremely lean on feature sets.

We looked at this market landscape extensively and created a solution that is free of any uncomfortable compromises. It is our belief that you can have the best of everything a communications solution should be:

Ultimately capable AND easy to use. Internally developed components for superior end-to-end interoperability AND open standards based. Deployable on-premises AND in the cloud AND in a hybrid manner, AND flexible so you can change deployment type as your needs change.