Teo offers the most comprehensive business communications technology portfolio available. We readily support small businesses to the Department of Defense, and everyone in between with Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions. When it comes to comparing Teo to other solutions there are two broad and important areas where we differ from everyone else.

First of all, nearly every vendor falls into one of two categories.


They are closed proprietary systems from vendors that provide all the components of the system you will be using.

Some companies that fit these criteria include: Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and Shoretel premises-based systems.


They are companies that offer a software version that gets installed on another company’s hardware, and relies on yet another company’s endpoints and gateways to create a complete solution.

While these solutions purport their openness, it is clear that they leave much to be desired in the realm of true integration. Some companies that fit these criteria include: Asterisk, Digium, Microsoft Lync, Shoretel Sky.

Teo is entirely different. We are 100% open standards based and can integrate with the majority of SIP compliant technologies. Furthermore, we actually create the core software, purpose-built application server hardware, all of the endpoint desk phones, and the softphones that make a system truly complete. This means that Teo customers have total peace of mind that everything will work together as it was designed to, yet still be able to integrate with other technology to provide even greater functionality.

Secondly, vendors are either part of the hosted-only or premises-only camp. Be careful to weed out the imposters.

Things to watch out for include premises-only solutions disguised as hosted solutions. This happens when a partner puts a vendor’s solution in said partner’s data center (aka Cisco) and calls it “hosted” for the customer. Or the premises solution provider that has a platform that is not adaptable for the cloud so they buy another company that runs Broadsoft and simply rebrands it (aka Shoretel Sky).

Of course, there are also the “cloud only” solutions that don’t offer the added security and choice of ever moving away from the monthly subscription model. You should also be on the lookout for the many companies that are white labeling a Broadsoft platform as their own. This scenario can leave customers sorry when they realize the vendor has little to no control of modifying the solution to meet the customer’s changing needs.

Teo has none of these issues. Our platform was built from the ground up for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment. The codebase is identical, the data centers are our own, and we offer the ability to move from cloud to premises, or premises to cloud, or premises to hybrid, or cloud to hybrid, and back again with zero interruption to your user base. We are the only company that offers this capability, and it demonstrates how our platform is tailor- made for the needs of the modern organization, no disguises required.

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