Building a business case for Unified Communications has become far easier in the last few years.

Beyond the basic functionality of phone communication, modern UC systems incorporate smartphone integration, presence awareness, instant messaging, email integration, conferencing, call recording, video communications, collaboration solutions, as well as a myriad of integrations with back office systems that improve support, streamline sales and marketing, and decrease operational expenses.

With all this promise to improve performance while trimming expenses, there are numerous ways to build an ROI model that makes Unified Communications the smart choice now

Every customer will use a mixture of capabilities and have different preferences for driving returns on investment. Some of the obvious choices that organizations include are the easy to identify “hard cost” savings, such as:

What many people neglect to consider, but where even greater ROI exists, are in the non-hard cost areas.

Independent research analysts conducted a study and found that using instant messaging and presence awareness universally streamlined nearly every function of an organization. By eliminating the delay of information flow of thousands and even millions of information exchanges that an organization makes in a year, they were able to:

For a detailed look at what this could mean for your organization, Teo created an easy to use ROI modeler that can calculate your estimated ROI using your real numbers and our real prices. This is by far the easiest yet most comprehensive means to build your business case for a Unified Communications investment.