Why UC remains an important asset for organizations

UC solutions remain a valuable asset for business growth.

Unified communications solutions have been around for a number of years and have stood the test of time as new technology emerged. With consumer and business needs changing, it's reasonable to wonder if UC systems will be able to fulfill communications requirements in the future. Let's take a closer look into why UC remains a relevant asset and how it will continue to help organization growth in the future.

1. Increasing SMB adoption

New technology is often viewed as being out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses due to a lack of resources and experience necessary to support these initiatives. According to a survey by Dubber, only 10 percent of responding U.K. and U.S. SMBs currently use UC systems, Computing reported. However, 65 percent of participants want to implement a UC solution, and 68 percent expect to replace their existing system by next year. SMBs and remote workers are becoming a key market for UC adoption, and vendors are adjusting their solutions to not only support these organizations, but also facilitate the particular connection options they require.

UC solutions must provide reliable connections for a mobile world.UC solutions must provide reliable connections for a mobile world.

2. Providing reliable connections in a mobile world

Employees no longer expect to be tied down to a desk. They want to be able to meet with clients, connect easily with co-workers and access business resources from virtually anywhere on any device. Desktops are a fading standard in favor of laptops, smartphones and other mobile hardware. It's clear that mobility is becoming the new norm, and it's important for organizations to provide tools that will reflect these changing preferences.

UC vendors have taken notice of the trend and have worked to drive greater mobility and productivity in the office of tomorrow. ComputerWeekly contributor Paul Clarke noted that organizations will require a reliable online communications solution that allows staff to access all of the information and capabilities they need. These capabilities will enable employees to be as productive at home or on the road as they would be in the office. Features in the UC system will play to the preferences of each user, such as chat and messaging for younger staff while older workers might like calling and conferencing. Collaboration opportunities afforded through UC will help continue shaping mobile operations and the future of the workforce.

"Video is better engaging employees during meetings and improving productivity."

3. Collaborating in real time

The biggest issue with legacy solutions is that people must often send information back and forth, increasing the likelihood of errors and repetitive work. If staff cannot see changes being made, it's significantly harder to know that they have the most up-to-date information and aren't making the same adjustments. Overall, this type of environment can involve a lot of wasted time and missed collaboration opportunities.

UC solves these issues by enabling real-time collaboration. People can chat with their co-workers to receive quick answers and work on files together. Video in particular is rising in popularity to better engage employees during meetings and improve productivity, ITProPortal stated. With video, people can be present without being in the same room, creating a more interactive option outside of static chats or presentations. Putting these features together will help significantly improve collaboration, productivity and efficiency across the board. It will be important for business leaders to choose a UC solution that provides the best experience possible, delivers value and is consistently reliable.

In the changing technology world, it's easy to wonder if your current solutions will still be viable in the coming years. UC systems have not only adapted to past trends, but will continue to evolve to suit emerging business and customer needs. With increasing SMB adoption, real-time collaboration and reliable connection, UC is still a force to be reckoned with. For more information on why UC remains a valuable asset for business growth, contact Teo Technologies today.