Why is UC growing in popularity?

Why is UC growing in popularity?

Unified communications solutions continue to be in high demand around the globe, with emerging markets seeing the broadest level of growth. In many ways, the fact that organizations – and households for that matter – are seeking out advanced and efficient communications tools makes plenty of sense, as economies continue to become more intertwined within the increasingly globalized marketplace. 

Studies that have been released in the past few months have shown that while emerging markets still have the most growth to experience, developed nations are actually seeing similar levels of exponential growth. Considering the fact that many of these tools are still new, there is plenty more room for market growth within the UC solutions arena, especially as new tools and versions continue to be released. 

As a reminder, the latest piece of evidence regarding the cloud's growth was from Grand View Research, and revealed that the global cloud market is going to reach an estimated size of $75.81 billion in annual revenues within the next six years. 

With respect to United States businesses, the world is beginning to move more quickly, and communications technology has been the central focus of investments considering how spread out employees have become. Whereas companies might have only been looking to UC solutions to boost productivity and reduce costs from an in-house perspective 10 years ago, now they are working to develop channels and strategies that will allow employees to have all of the tools that would once be reserved to the desk from wherever they are. 

The competitive advantage of adopting the various communications tools available today, and setting up a comprehensive and integrated framework through UC systems to manage the entirety of the investments, is significant. Small business owners who have not yet thought about making this jump should do so soon.