What to expect in forthcoming UC trends

What to expect in forthcoming UC trends

Unified communications has been one of the hottest movements in corporate IT spending throughout the past several years, driven by the demands of companies to have ways to connect employees and clientele in far off regions. There is no denying that the global marketplace has had a profound impact on the average business, and special, advanced tools such as instant messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol and video conferencing have helped meet novel demands of the modern organization. 

In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a globalized economy such as the one that is apparent today without the use of advanced UC tools, as the costs would be likely too much for a business to handle. Companies that have taken a proactive approach to UC and are using well-thought-out plans to guide provisioning, deployment and management are likely already seeing the cost and operational benefits that come along with the technology. 

A look ahead
MicroScope recently explained some of the ways in which experts and analysts are approaching the UC trend, affirming that all are in agreement regarding the bright outlook for the technology. One of the more important bits of information offered in the article was the specific room for growth in small and medium-sized business deployments, as these firms traditionally lag behind their larger counterparts when it comes to technological modernization. 

According to the news provider, despite the fact that UC has been a well-known framework for several years, some believe that the single biggest obstacle facing the industry is a lack of confidence among decision-makers who do not believe that it will come with all that much advantage for productivity. The source noted that this combines with cost-control fears to worry leaders about returns on investment, which hinders adoption. 

However, MicroScope noted that vendors which target SMBs and specifically cater to their ROI demands will have a breadth of opportunity in the coming years.

What to expect
Should the sentiments of the experts cited in this article be true, small business owners can expect to see more tailored approaches to sales and retention in the near future. While the industry gets moving in this direction, though, entrepreneurs and mid-market firms should remember that the cost of implementation and management will be well worth it given the revenue-driving power of modernized communications and IT frameworks.