Video conferencing’s popularity catching on

Video conferencing's popularity catching on

Unified communications has been a high priority of many executive decision-makers throughout the past several years, and video conferencing tools continue to act as a centerpiece for these investments. Regardless of which industry or sector an organization operates within, advanced communications tools can quickly reduce the amount of extraneous expenditures and drive efficiency across a breadth of operational processes. 

TechTarget recently explained some of the benefits, in addition to fewer expenditures, that a London-based talent agency has experienced since adopting video conferencing technology. The Agency Group's initial objective when launching the video conferencing initiative was to improve oversight of management meetings, but the firm quickly began to see the alternative benefits as well, the source explained. 

"It gives people an opportunity to interact with people you never get to meet," said Howie Gold, the company's IT director, according to the news provider. "Our people in the U.K. who have never been to LA can see those people now. There's a certain amount of body language and facial expressions that come through on video, and you can't get that from an audio call. It adds a whole other layer to the communication. It took some time for video to catch on here, but now it's so popular, everybody wants to use it all the time."

TechTarget noted that one study from Wainhouse Research revealed that 94 percent of corporate video conferencing users believed enhanced efficiency and productivity were the biggest draws of the investments. 

In today's highly competitive and globalized market landscape, the need for tools that enable streamlined communications and collaboration among employees in different locations is significant. With video conferencing and other UC tools, organizations will be able to meet relevant objectives while maintaining cost control in the long-term.