Video conferencing markets in focus

Video conferencing markets in focus

Video conferencing has been one the fastest-growing unified communications solutions throughout the past several years, driven by the globalization of markets and the need for affordable collaboration tools across all industries. In the coming years, businesses are expected to continue on a torrid provisioning track, especially as more begin to compete on the international stage and expand across regions given the continued economic recovery. 

These types of solutions have proven to reduce travel expenditures, drive the efficiency of communications and, more importantly, connect individuals who are separated by large distances for more beneficial collaborative experiences. Small businesses often have the most to gain from these solutions, as they can quickly level the playing field between themselves and larger enterprises using affordable, powerful unified communications tools and services. 

Leveling off
International Data Corporation recently reported that its latest analysis of video conferencing and telepresence markets revealed that purchases for these types of equipment went up in the second quarter of 2014 compared to the first, but was a bit down from a year ago. It is worth noting that the widespread adoption rates that have been especially apparent in mature markets have been directly reducing growth rates, while emerging markets are seeing their purchases go up. 

Additionally, remember that these types of purchases will work on a cycle. According to IDC, enterprise video conferencing solution investments reached $482 million worldwide in the second quarter of this year, representing 7.2 percent growth. Some had worried that purchases would level off more significantly after the 9 percent drop that was seen in the first quarter, but the analysts seem to still have hope for the market. 

"Despite the mixed results, recent IDC survey data indicates that video is still a key component of collaboration and continues to place high on the list of priorities for many organizations," Petr Jirovsky, research manager, Worldwide Networking Trackers, affirmed. "IDC believes that among the challenges customers are currently working through is determining exactly when and how to provision their video deployments as more software-centric and cloud-based service offerings become part of the enterprise video market landscape."

What comes next?
Small businesses that have not yet recognized the potential benefits of deploying video conferencing and instant messaging services should do so soon, especially as employees have proven to desire these options when communicating with colleagues and clients. By partnering with a proven provider of UC solutions, entrepreneurs can maximize engagement across departments.