Video conferencing makes its way into field operations

Video conferencing makes its way into field operations

Although Voice over Internet Protocol business phone services have long been the centerpiece of the unified communications market, video conferencing has experienced massive growth, both in terms of adoption and market size, in the past few years. More businesses are working to incorporate video conferencing tools into their operational management frameworks, and the benefits of these technologies can be vast when properly deployed. 

When looking at the average industry in the modern era, it should not take long to realize how mobilized and field-oriented operations have become, while this is especially true in certain sectors such as health care and manufacturing. The potential applications of integrating enterprise mobility programs into UC – making the various tools available through smartphones and tablets – are vast, and some organizations are already enjoying stronger productivity and efficiency as a result. 

Power when needed
A recent 7th Space Interactive report explained some of the ways in which emergency medical dispatch operators can benefit from the use of video conferencing solutions, especially when the specific products chosen are of the highest possible quality. The source conducted a study that worked to evaluate the potential uses of video conferencing for communications between an individual who is having a medical emergency and those responders who are needed for assistance. 

The report revealed that video quality, at least on the whole, seemed to deteriorate slightly when lighting and other conditions were not as preferable, but that this did not necessarily hinder the effectiveness of the communications. In fact, the news provider stated that video conferencing on mobile devices is an acceptable method to connect people who need support and emergency medical professionals. 

Notably, 7th Space Interactive found that the vast majority of calls were rated favorably by both the dispatchers receiving the communications and the individuals who were approaching them through video conferencing technology. 

A more integrated approach to communication
At the end of the day, UC must be viewed as a method of bringing all of the new technological and communications frameworks that have become ubiquitous in the average marketplace into one holistic and well-managed environment.

Regardless of whether a company is leveraging mobility strategies, operates in various distant locations or has a multitude of travel requirements, video conferencing, VoIP and other types of UC solutions can help to drive spend efficiency, productivity and success on a large scale.