Video conferencing growing fast

Video conferencing growing fast

In the past several years, more businesses and public sector agencies have adopted and launched video conferencing solutions to connect their employees and clientele regardless of where each party might be at any given time. This is part of a larger trend toward unified communications, with Voice over Internet Protocol business phone services, instant messaging services and countless other tools combining to force the issue on thus-far-lagging organizations. 

Managing and optimizing the full breadth of tools in place can be difficult when the proper frameworks are not in place to centralize a multitude of moving parts, and will become impossible as communications technology continues to diversify and expand. In many instances, business leaders will benefit from walking before they run, meaning investing in a few solutions to get the ball rolling and then expanding out. However, proactively keeping an eye on the broader aspects of unified communications can lead to stronger results.

New study reveals video's potential
Video conferencing continues to be one of the hottest aspects of the UC market, as Research and Markets recently estimated that global annual revenues will likely expand dramatically in the next five years. According to the Enterprise Video Market Applications – Global Advancements, Worldwide Forecasts and Analysis (2014-2019) study, the compound annual growth rate is expected to be 20.4 percent between now and 2019, while this would represent expansions from $13.01 billion this year to $32.87 billion.

"The use of video in enterprises has become prominent recently, owing to the necessity of communicating and delivering information conveniently and effectively," the authors explained. "Mass adoption of cloud in enterprise video market is helping to create virtualized surroundings for video conferencing, by hosting business-critical applications. Enterprise video is helping enterprises to establish seamless mobility among workforce and promote Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture."

As more businesses begin to spread out and operate on the global scale, video conferencing will likely continue on this upward track. 

Getting prepared
Video conferencing is absolutely a powerful stand-alone solution, but many small businesses have already started to realize that their communications investments will come with the highest returns when cohesion is maximized. UC acts as the glue that ensures all tools – of which there are many in the average, modern working environments – are operating in concert for the strongest benefits to productivity, efficiency and engagement.