Video conferencing can revolutionize business operations

Video conferencing can revolutionize business operations

Video conferencing occupies an interesting position in the realm of business technology. On the one hand, these solutions are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, frequently included as part of broader unified communications packages. At the same time, many companies use video conferencing solutions primarily as a backup when an individual would otherwise miss out on an in-person meeting. While this certainly holds a significant amount of value, it only represents a small fraction of the total utility that video conferencing has to offer.

Writing for Business Solutions Magazine, industry expert Pradeep Gowtham recently highlighted a few of the ways that businesses can utilize video conferencing to drastically improve their operations.

Prerecorded value
One way that businesses could gain more value from their videoconferencing solutions, Gowtham explained, is by focusing on the "video" component. Instead of solely using this technology for virtual meetings, firms should consider deploying prerecorded videos for tech support.

Essentially, he recommended that companies use video to create a more visual, engaging alternative to FAQs. These videos can resolve issues that are too complex for a traditional FAQ Web page but do not require live, interactive support.

Additionally, the writer noted that retailers can use video recordings to highlight products or service benefits, which can drive up sales and improve customer loyalty.

Conferencing power
In terms of conferencing possibilities, Gowtham emphasized that businesses can do more to improve employee productivity and collaboration with these channels. For example, attendees can use screen sharing and white board tools to brainstorm more effectively when not in the same room. 

Perhaps more importantly, the writer explained that video conferencing can be a powerful resource for sales personnel, as it opens up tremendous opportunities for demonstrations and training. As a result, firms can expand their outreach and market share far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

The writer also pointed out  that numerous studies suggest people learn more effectively when they can actually see a speaker. By replacing phone conversations with video conferences, businesses can encourage superior employee awareness and engagement.

The right choice
All of these benefits are dependent on both a shift in thinking and, critically, an investment in the right tools. Companies need video conferencing solutions that are easy to deploy and flexible. Only such tools can lead to a higher level of employee use and all of the subsequent benefits which that entails.