Video conferencing breaks into the mainstream

Video conferencing breaks into the mainstream

When video conferencing technology first started to make its way into the average workplace, most leaders would leverage the tools to streamline the efficiency of meetings. For example, being able to connect employees with one another, as well as clients, who are located in different areas saved on travel expenses and improved the overall experience for everyone involved. However, simple meetings are not the only activities taking place through video conferencing tools anymore. 

The Financial Express recently reported that one pharmaceutical company has used video conferencing tools to innovate, leveraging the solutions for more robust collaboration efforts between employees in various departments. This is a strong example of how useful these solutions can be considering the increased need for secure and streamlined communication in a sensitive field such as drug development. 

According to the news provider, the company's executives believed that instant communication was a high priority going into the various stages of their corporate objectives and strategies, and that unified communications have helped to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

"For our executive team in particular, video collaboration has enabled a new way of conducting business without the need for frequent travel across large distances," Dr. Reddy's Chief Technical Officer, Atanu Roy, told the source. "This in itself has not only helped us achieve significant savings in time and travel cost, but also establish a better work-life balance."

Between enhanced productivity and stronger cost control management, unified communications solutions of all types are becoming less of an option and more of a necessity for the average business. With video conferencing, instant messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol phones in place, employees will be able to communicate more fluidly without burdening the corporate budget over time, thus driving innovation and engagement.