UC keeps business going when winter takes hold

UC keeps business going when winter takes hold

In the modern world, staying active and productive at all times is important for any business. New mobile technology continues to develop at an accelerated rate, which has helped establish a consumer force that demands constant, instantaneous connectivity with partners and brands. 

Businesses that do not have the systems in place to enable such around-the-clock support may suffer when it comes to providing quality service to consumers. 

The need to stay online was recently highlighted by a number of winter storms that affected a large portion of the United States. Apart from the damage to infrastructure and string of flight delays that resulted from the harsh conditions, economic activity slowed, as workers were unable to commute to their offices. 

The financial impact was so significant that CBS News reported analysts indicated the national economy took a $10 billion hit due to the storms. Potentially, it could limit economic growth this quarter by as much as half a percent. 

While some organizations are at the mercy of Mother Nature, many businesses can plan ahead in order to stay productive while winter storms abound. By investing in unified communications (UC), companies can give employees the tools they need to access corporate networks from home in case they are unable to travel to the workplace. 

UC for remote access
Video conferencing solutions are becoming more popular, and these platforms can be leveraged from virtually any device. Whether it's a smartphone or a tablet, mobile products support more video tools than ever before. Even with simple instant messaging programs, employees can contact colleagues and clients to collaborate on projects at any time. 

The benefit of UC is that it offers users a variety of communications channels on a single interface. This makes it easy for professionals to interact with other parties in the most appropriate manner, depending on the circumstances. 

UC has become so important to corporate continuity that some business advocacy groups are calling on companies to invest in remote and mobile solutions. 

The Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers recently issued a statement encouraging local enterprises to adopt mobile-ready systems

Some executives may be hesitant to invest in these platforms, but it's a worthy expense for companies to make. When the cost of downtime due to storms is considered, the financial argument for avoiding UC adoption is put into perspective. 

Staying connected is important in today's highly wired world, even when major storms hit a region. With UC in place, businesses can meet the demands of mobile consumers and clients who demand constant connectivity. 

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