UC abroad might indicate trends back home

UC abroad might indicate trends back home

Emerging markets are some of the best locations to look at when trying to evaluate trends – both current and forthcoming – in the Western world, especially as developing nations have been accelerating in their deployments of advanced IT and communications technology. Considering how helpful unified communications has been in the United States, Europe and many other areas, it only makes sense that it is beginning to see explosive growth in emerging nations. 

Frost and Sullivan recently released a report that indicated demand for UC in Latin America is being driven by a greater breadth of multitasking-oriented jobs in the region. According to the authors of the study, businesses have also cited the need for tools that will boost efficiency and productivity without straining the budget, and when looking at the employee-centric perspective of corporate management, UC is a clear candidate for investment. 

"The Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets that offer constantly improving image, voice and sharing options are changing the way businesses communicate," Valeria Goldsworthy, Frost and Sullivan Information & Communication Technologies Industry analyst, affirmed. "Leveraging the growing Bring Your Own Device trend, market participants have made new UC&C communication applications available on most mobile devices, helping industries become more competitive in this age of the global enterprise."

The organization went on to predict that the UC market in Latin America alone should reach nearly $1.5 billion by the end of 2020, rising dramatically from the estimated $830 million today. 

Business owners in the United States should recognize the potential application of UC, as well as how effectively these investments can bolster productivity and efficiency in the workplace. By deploying the solutions now, the company can become a bit more sustainable and agile when new trends come along.