Trends in VoIP adoption and use

Trends in VoIP adoption, use

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems have been among the most common initial investments in the unified communications realm, and this has remained consistent since the early 2000s. From having a much wider breadth of features and customizable options, to reducing the total cost of voice communications for businesses that have employees and customers in disparate locations, VoIP is a powerful tool that is enjoying significant growth in a variety of markets. 

Small business owners have been especially active in the UC market throughout the past few years, and this has had a dramatic impact on the ways in which firms compete and collaborate. Armed with VoIP and other collaborative tools, these firms are now able to compete with larger enterprises on the global stage more fluidly than possible before the days of affordable and advanced communications technology. 

Market is going up
Research and Markets recently reported that VoIP and session initiation protocol trunking industries in North America have been steadily growing throughout the past several years, and that this trend is expected to continue on, even intensifying, as companies demand more feature-rich and affordable options. As a note, cloud computing has had a dramatic impact on the VoIP market in the past few years, as business leaders are looking to switch to hybrid environments and third-party provided services for both financial and operational reasons. 

According to the analysts, the shift occurring from on-premise solutions to service provider network-based delivery is one of the key areas for growth in the market, while the overall value of VoIP and SIP purchases is expected to continue increasing for the next six years. The researchers did note that, in the latest analysis, it appeared as though larger enterprises were comprising the largest share of purchases, but small and medium-sized businesses were not all that far behind. 

Further implications
This is far from being the first or only report that forecasts the VoIP market to continue on its rapid rise to ubiquity, and small business owners need to recognize that a failure to embrace these novel and effective technologies can lead to a significant competitive disadvantage in the long run. By proactively deploying VoIP, video conferencing and other tools, a firm's UC strategy can begin to improve collaborative power and drive the successful increase of revenues higher with the passing of each year.