The UC implications of IoT

The UC implications of IoT

The Internet of Things trend is one of the newest facing organizations today, but has already impacted corporate computing and communications in profound and revolutionary fashions. Most experts will characterize this trend as being the vast shift toward Internet-connected devices, with equipment ranging from printers and smartphones to hard drives and telephones leveraging the power of the World Wide Web for enhanced functionality. 

One of the important factors to remember is that unified communications has direct implications for IoT, and is absolutely a critical component of the trend. With Voice over Internet Protocol business phone systems, video conferencing and instant messaging services working over the Internet, business leaders will have to take steps toward protecting investments from security threats and inefficiencies. 

Inside IoT
A recent eWEEK article explained that small and medium-sized businesses have been largely at the forefront of the IoT trend, with many entrepreneurs believing that it will help to provide more opportunities for financial growth in the near future. Although the name was only given to the trend in the past year or so, it has been around for years, beginning with VoIP in the late 1990s and moving into a more mature market stature in the late 2000s. 

According to the news provider, one study of 2,000 small business owners found that 82 percent of these individuals have positive perspectives and opinions of IoT, but that a majority of these decision-makers fear the security implications that come along with a wider breadth of connected devices. After all, many data breaches have been tied back to the loss or theft of smartphones, hard drives, tablets or portable computers that were not properly secured. 

The source noted that while security fears were rampant among the survey group, most believed that protective software and relatively traditional measures would be enough to mitigate threats once IoT reaches its pinnacle. 

UC connections
Regardless of which approach a small business is taking to UC, security will always have to be a high priority in the modern marketplace, as threats continue to broaden their scope in terms of targeted devices and entities. When VoIP phone systems, as well as mobile devices in a BYOD program, are being used for corporate functions and work responsibilities, security oversight and software are recommended to avoid being victimized by breach. 

By choosing a reliable provider of UC solutions, many businesses will be able to efficiently and affordably sidestep IoT-related risks.