The right approach needed to encourage UC adoption

The right approach needed to encourage UC adoption

For all the value that unified communications has delivered to countless companies, there's no guarantee that every company using unified messaging, video conferencing and other channels will see an immediate ROI. While virtually every business will enjoy benefits by deploying UC, the extent of those benefits can vary greatly.

While many factors can determine the success or failure of a given UC implementation, one of the most important is also one of the simplest: adoption. Specifically, companies need to make sure that their personnel actually utilize the tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In some cases, employees resist a company's move to UC, thereby undermining the value offered by the technology.

To avoid this outcome, business leaders need to take the right approach when encouraging UC usage.

Changes afoot
The key point that decision-makers must understand when encouraging UC usage is that most people are creatures of habit. They would prefer to maintain the status quo so long as they see no problem with that state of affairs. If they are to make a change, there needs to be a compelling reason.

This is particularly true when it comes to fundamental, day-to-day activities. And UC, by its nature, will have a huge impact on a huge portion of employees' work lives. After all, just about every staff member will need to interact with clients, colleagues, superiors and underlings on a frequent basis, and UC changes the way people communicate and collaborate. 

This is a good thing. At its best, UC can have a transformative effect across the company, making everyone more efficient, productive and effective in numerous capacities. But change can be scary, and resistance is to be expected.

Getting buy-in
To overcome this push-back, business leaders need to convince their employees that UC adoption is in everyone's best interest, not just the company's. 

To this end, training and education are key. Employees should attend demonstrations and walkthroughs that explain what UC is, how the organization's specific UC solution functions, what capabilities it offers and how all of this will result in a better daily experience for each worker. 

This approach will deliver much better results than a corporate mandate requiring UC usage. When employees embrace UC willingly, they will be more likely to explore its full potential, and therefore maximize its value.