The financial benefits of BYOD

The financial benefits of BYOD

In the world of corporate computing and unified communications, few trends can compare to the breadth and importance of BYOD. Employees continue to demand the ability to use their personal devices and applications for work functions, and businesses have worked to improve their financial and operational performances by meeting these preferences and requests in a secure and efficient fashion. 

The first step is to ensure that security procedures are maximized, and that all employees understand the various best practices associated with the mobility program. Then, businesses can begin to create more progressive strategies that will yield financial benefits, boost employee management and effectively modernize the workplace. 

Reducing expenditures
TriplePundit recently listed several ways in which enterprises will save money when their BYOD programs kick into high gear, asserting that employees will often be responsible for purchasing their own upgrades, offsetting the raw costs of advanced devices. While companies will certainly enjoy a variety of financial benefits with their BYOD experiences, they will not be completely free of investing money into the program.

Rather, enterprises will need to ensure that they are purchasing supportive technologies and solutions that can help to drive the efficiency of BYOD activities, while simultaneously shoring up security risks. According to the news provider, cost savings will also be attached to the complete lack of extraneous spending on new devices. As employees will be the ones purchasing their own tools, businesses will be essentially immune to the prospect of purchases that do not yield direct operational or productivity-related benefits. 

The source went on to explain that employees will generally learn how to use their devices on their own time and with their own resources, freeing up budgetary allocations that would otherwise be directed toward training. Finally, TriplePundit noted that retention can also be improved because of the increased engagement among employees who are participating in the BYOD program. 

Closing considerations
In the BYOD arena, the first step is to ensure that policies are developed in such a way that maximizes productivity, efficiency and security. Advanced strategies, though, will include the integration of BYOD into standing UC policies and frameworks. 

Companies that never work to create synergy between UC and BYOD will rarely be able to achieve the optimal working environments they seek through these investments. By partnering with a provider of UC solutions that can handle a wide breadth of strategies, the organization will be better positioned to improve their communications performances.