The big deal with big data in the contact center

Contact centers can use big data to improve customer service activities.

Big data is on everyone's minds lately, from CIOs on down the line, in every industry. Some companies, according to IT research firm Gartner, will employ someone in the role of "chief data officer." In fact, Gartner predicts that 90 percent of large firms will have a CDO by 2019. This in itself is enough evidence for the fact that knowing how to collect, store and analyze data to elicit the greatest insights is becoming one of the most important aspects of running a successful company.

Data can be gathered from everything, and when it comes to making sure your business is using its data to the fullest, it's critical to understand how and why this information is important.

Organizations that have access to customer, employee and supply chain data make smarter decisions."

Big data is a big deal

Data is being used for myriad purposes across every industry and within every company. No matter a business's relationship with data – whether they have only just started incorporating analytics into their operations, or have already seen the fruit of investing in big data analysis solutions – the potential benefits are staggering.

"[B]ig data allows ever-narrower segmentation of customers and therefore much more precisely tailored products or services," wrote McKinsey researchers in an article on the subject. "[S]ophisticated analytics can substantially improve decision-making."

Organizations that have access to customer, employee and supply chain data not only make smarter decisions, but they come to these choices more quickly and effectively as well. Companies can determine what supply and demand would be in the next six months, or project how healthy the market at large will be next year. The power of data is virtually limitless, and it can be used to improve business operations as a whole.

Organizations that have access to big data analytics can better serve their customers.Organizations that have access to big data analytics can better serve their customers.

Where does data come into play in the contact center?

As organizations move toward a strategy wherein they're using unified communications tools to enhance communication between team members and improve customer relationships, There are several reasons unified communications and big data go hand in hand, and most of them depend on how companies utilize and analyze the data they gather to inform business decisions and improve collaboration within the business.

Let's take a look at a few of those reasons:

1. Improve contact center communications
Analytics can be an essential part to running a successful business, and this is evident in how it can be used to bolster contact center activities. By drilling down into key customer data, organizations can improve responses and ensure their clients are getting the service they need. Data can help anticipate common problems – because if customers are calling to complain about the same thing, information taken from these calls can help representatives better serve the people calling in.

"Part of keeping customers happy is anticipating their needs, and call center analytics can do that and more," stated a TechTarget guide. "For instance, speech analytics can enhance call center representatives' performance by identifying knowledge gaps and areas that may require more training. Speech analytics can also optimize call-handling times and improve first-contact resolution."

2. Predict presence
Presence identification technology allows organizations to route calls effectively and see to customer needs with greater success. With data and predictive analytics tools, platforms can predict presence in the case that this information is not currently available.

"[W]hat if presence information is not available at any time?" pondered Data Science Central contributor Kumaran Ponnambalam. "Can we predict presence? Based on the user's past presence history and current information like calendar schedules, we can predict what the user is doing now and try to intelligently route interactions."

3. Assist with training
It's important that organizations train their managers to know how to deal with customer data and use that information effectively in order to improve customer services experiences. Once employees are empowered to base interactions on accurate data, they will make better decisions, which will lead to greater success for the company down the road. Essentially, the big deal with big data is that it gives businesses the tools they need to compete in rapidly changing marketplaces.

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