Teo’s Thomas Beck responds to Avaya CEO’s UC comments

Teo's Thomas Beck responds to Avaya CEO's UC comments

Ironic as it may seem, Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy doesn't seem to be a huge fan of unified communications. Kennedy recently made waves in the industry when he told Information Age that, in his view, UC "has been the promise that has never been delivered for over a decade." He went on to explain that he thinks business communication solutions will be less unified and more integrated in the future.

Not everyone agrees with Kennedy's assessment, though. To get another perspective on the state of UC, we sat down with Teo Technologies' own Director of Marketing and Business Development, Thomas Beck.

Q: What do you make of Kennedy's claim that UC has, on the whole, been a letdown?

Thomas Beck: I can agree that Avaya has never delivered on the promise of UC. Admittedly, there are many large companies, such as Avaya, who have paid lip service to UC yet have never delivered, which has tarnished the perception of that word. However, Teo has been delivering on that promise since 2009. 

Teo has been delivering on UC's promise since 2009.UC is hardly a letdown.

Q: What exactly do you see as "the promise of UC"?

TB: Unified communications is largely used to reflect unification of human-to-human communications via multimedia resources. Then there is the next level of inter-communication, which is admittedly a much more fuzzy definition. Broadly stated, it is machine-optimized human communications. This communication type involves several types: machine to machine to human, human to machine to machine to human, or human to machine to human to machine communications. 

These communication types are beyond the standard definition of UC, and are more commonly attributed to advanced customer interaction management systems.

Q: What do these communication types look like in practice?

TB: One clear example of this is Teo's contact center technology, which is built around an advanced middleware engine that can connect just about any source of information to create advanced multimedia customer interaction. Combining the power of both is the pinnacle of communications available today, and goes far beyond delivering the promise of UC.

Teo's contact center solutions deliver on UC's potential. Teo's contact center solutions deliver on UC's potential.

If you want to see what the promise of UC delivered looks like, or explore the next level of machine-optimized human communications, check out our site: www.teotech.com. A shameless plug, I admit. But it's important to point out that while Avaya has admitted some level of failure here, it should by no means be taken as a failure of the promise of UC as a whole. TeoTech is proof of that.